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Makarikov I.G. Labor transformation as a factor in the development of the modern economy. Cognitive Sciences in the Information Society. 2021; (3). Available at: (in Russian).

Labor transformation as a factor in the development of the modern economy

Makarikov Ilʹya Germanovich
Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. The article discusses certain generalized stages of economic development, which are characterized by various forms of domination of production, technology, management, ownership, labor quality, dynamics of economic phenomena and processes. The emergence and spread of new technologies, at the beginning of the first tillage tools, then the steam engine, internal combustion engine, electricity and more recently telecommunication technologies are often laid as the foundation of the era. The work emphasizes that quantitative changes also lead to qualitative changes that radically change human activity in all its forms and manifestations, thereby transforming human labor. In addition, the article highlights the idea of transformation as a process in a broad sense, and then describes the transformation of labor itself. Particular attention is paid to the development of human society and the economy, which is characterized by the expansion and deepening of relations between economic entities, optimization and reduction of various types of costs for the creation of goods, expansion of borders and increased access to information. At the same time, there are changes in the mechanisms and principles of production and exchange, which are becoming much more complicated. The article discusses various approaches to the study of the development of society, as well as concepts explaining the peculiarities of labor transformation. It is emphasized that labor is characterized by a certain dynamics, and its manifestations and consequences differ in depth, duration, and scale. In the context of this article, the features of the impact of labor changes on the economy of the state are analyzed — this aspect is the primary purpose of this article.

Keywords: structuring of labor; transformation of labor; labor; labor relations; economic development; economic growth

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