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Leskova I.V., Uvarov I.A. Information warfare is the main element of hybrid warfare. Cognitive Sciences in the Information Society. 2023; 4(3). Available at: (in Russian).

Information warfare is the main element of hybrid warfare

Leskova Irina Valerievna
Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia
Google Scholar:

Uvarov Igor Alekseevich
Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
Stavropol branch, Stavropol, Russia

Abstract. The situation that developed after the destruction of the bipolar world required a change in the nature of the interstate confrontation. States claiming to be leaders in international politics had to look for new means of inflicting damage on the enemy state. The search was complicated by the fact that a direct military clash became impossible. Hence, priority in the interstate struggle was given to the means of information influence on the target state (potential victim). Among the most acceptable from the point of view of unconventional impact, measures have been taken to organize and implement massive information impact. In the literature, this kind of action began to be defined as «information warfare». At the same time, representatives of the US military department attempted to theoretically substantiate not only the conduct of information influence on the victim state, but also the search for other means to enhance the effect of information influence. As a result, the cumulative system of non-conventional influence on the opposing state, given the mixed nature of the means used, has received the name «hybrid war». The paper examines the concepts of «information warfare» and «hybrid warfare» used in domestic and foreign literature. The conditions of the development of modern types of unconventional wars are considered. The concept of information warfare as the main element of hybrid warfare is revealed. The main characteristics and problems of studying new types of wars are established. The author concludes that information warfare is currently one of the fundamental elements of hybrid warfare. It is assumed that in the near future the role of information warfare, in particular, as the main element of hybrid warfare, will increase.

Keywords: information warfare, hybrid warfare, unconventional warfare, new types of wars; enemy state; state; military clash

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